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When I first saw these polishes I was hugely impressed with the range of colours and uber rock chick Kate Moss has even collaborated on some of the shades – all of which she has given musical names. Despite this I was still sceptical. The collaboration may give them a degree of cool but that doesn’t necessarily make them good polishes.

I opted to try one of Kate’s range – shade 237 called Soul Session. This is a really nice pinky/coffee nude shade and I was impressed with how it went on smoothly, dried quickly and the finish was indeed high shine which was very reminiscent of the likes of Shellac or Gelish manicures. I was still not convinced though as in the past this effect has quickly faded. However several hours later my nails still looked super shiny and glossy and two days later you would still have sworn I had only just done them!

Apparently the formulations all contain colour sculptgel encapsulated microscopic tube particles which give these polishes their plumped glossy look and it really works. The colour didn’t fade and my nails looked really great.For many, many years I wore gel nail extensions. I liked how they could withstand more abuse than my naked nail and they also added length to my talons. However, I especially liked the smooth glossy finish that I had never been able to get from any nail polish.

This claims to last for up to ten days but I only got around six out of it. However, when applying nail polish the condition of your nails will also dictate its staying power and the tips of mine are still very weak at the moment and this was the area that I experienced chipping. I am fairly confident that when my nails are back in condition it will last for the promised period of time.

All the colours in the range are bang on trend and wearable and there is something here for everybody. They claim that you don’t need a base or top celine handbag with these polishes which will save you money, although if wearing a darker shade we would recommend the base celine handbag to avoid nail discolouration. Other than that these do what they claim to and are truly a rarity – a salon style product that actually does give you a salon finish but at a pocket friendly price.

celine handbags

The upcoming fall celine handbags are even more exciting than usual because the line boasts a capsule collection with indie menswear darling Billy Reid, who brings his southern sensibilities to a line of well-worn leather goods that male fashion fanatics (or, as they’re more commonly knows, menswear bros) are likely to snap up quickly.

This was going to be an Aspire/Acquire, because $880 is a bit steep for our summer celine shoe budget. But as it turns out, there’s absolutely nothing even remotely close to this Fendi Twisted Textured Metallic Leather Platform Sandal on the market. And trust us: we looked. For about three hours. We’re that crazy about the style of the boldly contrasting gold and silver straps and elegantly textured leather. Looks like we’ll just have to suck it up and sell a kidney.Celine looked preppy and pulled together in a pink button-down shirt and dark skinny celine dresses, plus pops of red on her celine shoes, shades, lips and nails.If any store can get you outfitted for even the most rugged of outdoor fun, it’s Moosejaw. Their huge online store is filled to overflowing with awesome apparel, footwear, gear and accessories from big names like Salomon, Marmot, Mountain Hard Wear and lots of others. And if you shop through the link in this deal through 04/14/2013, 20% will be saved off almost everything in the store with no coupon needed. Place an order of $49 or more to celine handbag free shipping.

Some things in fashion require a leap of faith – like wearing neon at the office or wearing mixed prints head-to-toe. But pastel hues for spring? Total no brainer. Here are 5 pretty pastel picks under $50 that I’m loving right now:Sparkle when you shop at Ross-Simons! This week you can save a whopping 25% on your entire purchase of gorgeous diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and so much more. Simply apply coupon code SPARKLE at checkout. Coupon expires 04/07/2013. All orders of $250 or more will receive free shipping. Frances Winston reveals the history behind some of the world’s best-selling beauty products

You won’t spot anything even remotely like this Rope and Brass Statement Necklace ($165) on the discount jewelry rack at Forever 21. This brightly colored piece has a truly unique look we think makes it well worth the price. After all, what’s the point of a statement necklace if everybody else is saying the same thing? Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are the two protagonists at the center of the upcoming action-packed film “2 Guns.” Directed by Baltasar Korm├íkur and based on the series of graphic novels of the same name by Boom! Studios, the film follows the duo as they go on the run.We are pretty sure these celine crossbaby celine handbags can barely fit our iPhones, but they are so pretty, we’d be willing to leave our phones at home for the night (yeah, we love these celine crossbaby celine handbags that much). Check out the celine crossbaby celine handbags below and pick your favorite “scent”:celine outlet.

This Marni tote is possibly the best windowpane celine handbag I’ve ever seen! Pristine white leather gets sliced and diced with lush strips of black suede and navy leather to create a dimensional illusion that hypnotizes with the simplest of patterns. And the black suede panels are just as sensuous to touch as they are to look at. This may be a subtle nod to the checked trend but its effect is just as strong as even the most clear cut interpretations. The checkered designs aren’t the only illusions, though – the zipper pulls slide all the way down the sides of the celine handbag, looking as if they’ll cause an eruption of contents to spill out. In actuality, leather flaps on the inside keep everything neatly in place when the tote is open wide. Carry this as a work celine handbag, an out-to-dinner accessory, or even as a travel-friendly checkerboard! Available on celine outlet for $1,940.

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